Hermitcraft 9: Episode 9 - GRIANS BIG BASE!

  • Publicado el 30 abr 2022
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    Hermitcraft 9: Episode 9 - GRIANS BIG BASE! Grian is back on hermitcraft making grians base and mumbo has decided to base nearby too, this should be fun!
    Thank you to Audible for sponsoring this video. Special thanks to Mumbo for being DOP and Scar for additional voice overs!
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  • Mumbo Jumbo
    Mumbo Jumbo Hace 19 días +24613

    Filming that oddi.. I mean *Audible* spot was definitely an experience I won't forget in my filmmaking career.

  • Astellis
    Astellis Hace 19 días +14430

    We NEED a full audio book narrated by Scar. He just makes everything so majestic

    • Pagion The Voiceless
      Pagion The Voiceless Hace un día

      I need that whole book he narrated for this too, I know it's made up but it's good

    • Noob slayer New
      Noob slayer New Hace 3 días

      book recommendations anyone?

    • Daniela Mancilla
      Daniela Mancilla Hace 3 días

      Don’t you mean oddio by scar ???...

    • Almy
      Almy Hace 5 días

      Imagine he does that giggle sometimes between key moments. Perfect xD

    • Snail100
      Snail100 Hace 10 días


  • Earthbrine
    Earthbrine Hace 16 días +1366

    Grian in Hermitcraft 8:
    "Hey guys a big rock is ripping apart reality."
    Grian in Hermitcraft 9:
    "Hey guy I built a big rock above a spot where reality has been ripped apart."
    Coincidence? I don't think so.

  • PumpkinCrafts
    PumpkinCrafts Hace 16 días +685

    Honestly, Scar’s mediation grass prospect was really deep…

  • Buddybhe
    Buddybhe Hace 17 días +953

    Got an idea for the bridge. remove the bridge and put a bunch of different sized hovering rocks that you jump across to get to the other side, could look cool
    Edit: also maybe some faded glass under the build to make the rock look more grand and fantasy like

    • Sudhir Naik
      Sudhir Naik Hace 4 días

      nice, hope he sees this, love this to be added

    • FlamingStar 331
      FlamingStar 331 Hace 9 días +3

      take this comment to the top bois

    • Androov
      Androov Hace 12 días +1

      @SAMZAYA RECORDINGS slime launchers is a sticky piston with a slime block and a pressure plate, lol

      SAMZAYA RECORDINGS Hace 12 días +1

      He’s gonna need the red stone master for the slime launchers, mumbo

    • Androov
      Androov Hace 12 días +3

      You can have slime launchers to jump around them too.

  • Ben Ridge
    Ben Ridge Hace 14 días +155

    Grian when he found out about mumbo’s base:
    “If I had a nickel for every time mumbo built a vault in-front of my base this season, I’d have two nickels”.
    “Yeah I know its not a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice right?”

    • Sudhir Naik
      Sudhir Naik Hace 4 días

      @Sugar Dlelight lol watch hermit craft first then tell ive watched everything on hermit craft only twice

    • Ben Ridge
      Ben Ridge Hace 8 días +1

      @Sugar Dlelight In this season of hermitcraft?

    • minh van
      minh van Hace 8 días


    • Sugar Dlelight
      Sugar Dlelight Hace 9 días

      It has happened MORE than just twice

  • TheSweatyChild
    TheSweatyChild Hace 16 días +326

    The floating island was INSANE, but maybe some crying obsidian might look nice, like the obsidian is deteriorating as well.

    • TheSweatyChild
      TheSweatyChild Hace 7 días

      @Slightly Distressed Slug ik but it would surround the obsidian, not replace it

    • Slightly Distressed Slug
      Slightly Distressed Slug Hace 9 días

      I don’t think crying obsidian works as a portal

    • TheSweatyChild
      TheSweatyChild Hace 12 días +2

      99 likes wow! If only I got that many likes on my vids lol, hope Grian sees this

    • ッxtrafrøsting☻
      ッxtrafrøsting☻ Hace 13 días +2

      @zuygj bnsv your a bot!!

  • Bloo Bush Viper
    Bloo Bush Viper Hace 15 días +93

    The interview part was hilarious! Scar makes for such a good narrator!

  • DJ_Spoops
    DJ_Spoops Hace 17 días +170

    I enjoy the parallels between the entity and grians base. Whereas the entity is smaller and only has a small amount of things from the environment. Grians base is bigger and picks up large structures throughout time

    • cqvio doli
      cqvio doli Hace 13 días

      Sad Grian moments is always comedy gold.

  • Ben Walker
    Ben Walker Hace 15 días +86

    Id like to suggest, that when the time comes to mine the diamonds, you first surround the pillar with a layer of other blocks to prevent the diamonds from falling away and potentially despawning

    • The weird wolf
      The weird wolf Hace 12 días +7

      or you could use hoppers at the bottom

    • TheBlueBuild
      TheBlueBuild Hace 14 días +2

      Lava and water to make a cobblestone layer on the outside

  • Lisa M. Willson
    Lisa M. Willson Hace 19 días +1183

    not gonna lie, this has to be the best advert I've ever watched in my life. the perfect collab between mumbo, grian, and scar honestly reminded me of some of the shenanigans in the early days of last life and in boatem. I really hope these sort of adverts keep continuing, maybe with even more hermits

    • Kewtie
      Kewtie Hace 18 días +8

      This was hilarious. I will say, Bdubs also has really funny sponsorship clips, I don't ever skip them.

    • Crazy Things
      Crazy Things Hace 18 días +4

      so true

  • AmyVolomorris
    AmyVolomorris Hace 17 días +61

    GIVE ME MORE GUIDED MEDITATIONS WITH SCAR! Also, Base looks gorgeous! Can't wait to see it evolve

  • mermaidfinn
    mermaidfinn Hace 11 días +26

    i honestly need more landscaping the mind, narrated by scar, that would be an amazing mini series for them to collab on further for this season!!

  • GG Jay
    GG Jay Hace 16 días +30

    *I love when you do irl filming just like when you drove down the streets last season to get your ideas absolutely love that*

  • MrJJelly
    MrJJelly Hace 16 días +44

    the thing I wished he said when the second vault popped was, wow if I had a nickel every time Mumbo built a vault Infront of me I'd have two nickels - which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.

    • MrJJelly
      MrJJelly Hace 8 días

      Or totally maculate

    • LookingForSomeoneToCollabAnAnimationWith
      LookingForSomeoneToCollabAnAnimationWith Hace 10 días

      Your genius levels are immaculate

    • MrJJelly
      MrJJelly Hace 11 días +3

      Ah@Fallen your timing is impeccable! And by impeccable I mean COMPLETELY PECCABLE!!!

    • Fallen
      Fallen Hace 11 días

      you watch to much phineas and ferb MrJJelly or should i say Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz

  • Coolot PH
    Coolot PH Hace 19 días +1340

    I love how these three goofs (Grian, Mumbo, and Scar) cooperated and agreed on "Okay Grian, in this scene, you'll have a tea party with stuff toys and then later you'll bounce yourself up and down".

    • OmegaEOP
      OmegaEOP Hace 19 días +6

      @Tycool243 same but I do love Scars chemistry with our already established duo

    • Tycool243
      Tycool243 Hace 19 días +6

      Kida wish iskall would join the group again

    • Darnity
      Darnity Hace 19 días +3

      @abdulali Mebarki ikr lol

    • abdulali Mebarki
      abdulali Mebarki Hace 19 días +5

      Lmao now that I think about it

  • Louis Perrin
    Louis Perrin Hace 17 días +41

    on the greek theme, you should use maps to create statues in a high raised relief and then put the maps around the top to create a continuous frieze maybe some other marble statues out of quarts and similar block pallet

  • Angel :p
    Angel :p Hace 10 días +7

    "flying islands are so annoying"
    "this is the first flying island, theres going to be more"
    ah yes us builders and making our own lives hell

  • Abdul moaiz
    Abdul moaiz Hace 12 días +33

    Grian : "builds a big bolder base "
    Everyone : why
    Grian : why not

  • Pumpkin
    Pumpkin Hace 12 días +10

    Just popping in to say: I love the subtitles, thank you so much dude! They're very easy to follow and helps both -second-language people and bad of hearing

    • Jazin Bazack
      Jazin Bazack Hace 11 días +1

      They do indeed! I definitely prefer the custom subtitles!

  • Cereal
    Cereal Hace 12 días +11

    “If I had a nickel for every time mumbo built a vault directly in front of my base, I’d have two nickels which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.”

  • Elle Peckham
    Elle Peckham Hace 16 días +19

    I loved to ad and when he said “don’t skip” I was just thinking “physic grain?”. The game Gris also has a very similar floating rock style so when he showed the portal I immediately thought of it.

  • Jess Sargent
    Jess Sargent Hace 15 días +13

    The portal islands look so good, can't wait to see the rest of your base!

  • Leela Madhava
    Leela Madhava Hace 17 días +14

    The portal looks INSANELY good, and the whole rest of the base looks amazing as well. So excited to see how this season goes!

  • Mukunda Hosangadi
    Mukunda Hosangadi Hace 19 días +5222

    I want an audiobook in Scars voice, it's got a majestic ring to it. Love all the hermit ads, bdubs makes adverts each episode that are just so fun to watch

    • That Guy
      That Guy Hace 13 días


    • DerSteiffelturm
      DerSteiffelturm Hace 15 días

      That's right because SHE GAMIN

    • HELP ME
      HELP ME Hace 18 días

      Spoilers 😡

    • D PG
      D PG Hace 18 días

      Yes!!! I need that audiobook too!

    • MarchMällow:)
      MarchMällow:) Hace 18 días

      Yeah he ahould read Lord Of The Rings

  • mystakenly
    mystakenly Hace 16 días +11

    I wanna see this Season's base with huge chains holding some of the floating islands or just gigantic chains in general 🤩

  • Mystic Violet
    Mystic Violet Hace 14 días +4

    Feels like the contrast between grian and mumbo's build is gonna be amazing 💖

  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv Hace 15 días +3

    I love the feels of your Mega Base now, so much story to imagine with. Looking forward for the lore behind it!

  • Selah (AspieGamer13)
    Selah (AspieGamer13) Hace 13 días +3

    Make sure when y’all race, to have hoppers at the bottom to catch falling diamonds

  • Snakecake
    Snakecake Hace 19 días +8988

    The advert is amazing and mumbo's filming and scar's voice make it even better!

    • DemonKnight12
      DemonKnight12 Hace 8 días

      @big jj who are you talking about?

    • big jj
      big jj Hace 15 días

      @jabetsgi go back re watch it trust me it's good

    • Sean Ferree
      Sean Ferree Hace 17 días

      For real! Well said!

    • A Z
      A Z Hace 19 días

      @Gabriel G they can skip them by going forwards.

  • Artisic Eggy
    Artisic Eggy Hace 16 días +5

    Hermit Craft has been something that has helped me make friends, and helped me find what I like to do most. Thank life for this beautiful SMP.

  • YKM_ Mirror_Ghost
    YKM_ Mirror_Ghost Hace 3 días +2

    Leave a like if you legitimately want the full “Landscaping Your Mind” audiobook by Scar.
    Also the base looks amazing!!!

  • AMMondMilk
    AMMondMilk Hace 16 días +4

    If I had a nickel for every time Mumbo built a vault directly in front of Grian's base, I'd have two nickels.
    Which isn't a lot, but it's weird that it happened twice.

  • luckyfox gacha and art
    luckyfox gacha and art Hace 14 días +2

    hey why not call your new base “the host”
    because i imagine the reason the reason that this base is going to have so many different themes is that the rift is basically using it as a host

  • Bearded Zeus
    Bearded Zeus Hace 19 días +3160

    That was quite possibly the best Audible ad read I've ever seen, you and Mumbo did a fantastic job! And of course Scars voice made it even better!

    • tekky_technician
      tekky_technician Hace 18 días +1

      I cracked up when scar came on

    • Andres Dhokai
      Andres Dhokai Hace 19 días +1

      Scares face too

    • Breawen Zatanna
      Breawen Zatanna Hace 19 días +3

      i don't wanna say i agree because it lost it's meaning at this point but... i do agree alot. i almost skipped when he said there's an ad but i'm glad i didn't. it really is the best one I've seen.

    • Mandi Hammer
      Mandi Hammer Hace 19 días +1


    • Nathaniel Marner
      Nathaniel Marner Hace 19 días +1

      Agreed 🙃

  • PlayfulPuck
    PlayfulPuck Hace 14 días +5

    The floating rock portal looks really cool. Love that style!

  • loladaylight
    loladaylight Hace 16 días +2

    that portal looks so magical, I love it!

  • Anemarin4lif3
    Anemarin4lif3 Hace 14 días +2

    Grian since a lot of the other hermits have a fantasy vibe going like scar and gem being elves, pearl being a fairy, and impulse being a dwarf, you should give your skin and the inside of the boulder mega base goblin elements to keep with that. And it would be funny seeing goblin Grian breaking into mumbo’s vault

  • Irene-Anne
    Irene-Anne Hace 12 días +3

    grian, i just want you to know how big of a difference the addition of subtitles (colored ones for others at that!) makes for the hard of hearing and deaf people, as well as for the people that have troubles with comprehending speech easily. i am so thankful for those subtitles, and it just made me see you as an even better creator than you were before which I didn't think was possible, because you were already the best one in my mind! love you man

  • Connor Letourneau
    Connor Letourneau Hace 19 días +2848

    Grian when you guys race down the tower, make sure there’s hoppers at the bottom. They’ll probably despawn before you reach the ground if there isn’t

  • bofooit gojo
    bofooit gojo Hace 8 días +2

    “If I had a nickel for every time mumbo built a vault directly in front of my base, I’d have two nickels which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.”

  • DemonKnight12
    DemonKnight12 Hace 8 días +1

    That was such an amazing add, hilarious with Mumbo and Scar.

  • Joyjellyface
    Joyjellyface Hace 6 días +1

    I LOVE the portal. So used to seeing rectangular/square ones, it’s really nice to see a silhouette that shakes it up a bit, and the framing is wonderful!

  • Sam Hague
    Sam Hague Hace 17 horas +1

    I’ve literally gone back to this episode more than once just for the ad; it’s amazing

  • StarAce
    StarAce Hace 19 días +1241

    So needing a full audio book from Scar. Landscaping Your Mind is so good. 😄 Loved the ad for Oddi-I mean Audible. 😄
    Grian's base is looking awesome already with the new gradient effects and the portal, that ending to the episode was interesting and so looking forward to how the rift will develop during the season. 😊

    • StarAce
      StarAce Hace 18 días +1

      @0kamar no worries ! Thanks for bringing to my attention. There's so many bots/spam comments on ESclips nowadays so I guess it's expected that it can happen. Hopefully YT can fix it.

    • 0kamar
      0kamar Hace 18 días +1

      I’m sorry your comment got stolen by a verified guy

    • Zapper333
      Zapper333 Hace 19 días

      @ProCraftGamin you mean you wouldn't pay for any othrr book?

    • ProCraftGamin
      ProCraftGamin Hace 19 días +5

      I would pay for a full book from scar.

    • Beacon Blaster
      Beacon Blaster Hace 19 días +4

      @Don't click profile photo name't read my name

  • Jedi6666
    Jedi6666 Hace 12 días +1

    The portal is probably one of my most favorites build he made.

  • Thunderstuck6
    Thunderstuck6 Hace 8 horas +1

    That portal is magnificent. But I think you could sell the circular portal a squick better with some extra obsidian to give it curves. It's great as is but it gives a slight impression of being a square trapped in a circle and not a circle itself.

  • Kamille
    Kamille Hace 3 días

    This was literally the best episode XD The advert, the gorgeous nether portal design, you surviving that fall with the slow pan over to the fissure, and ending with Scar's narration is top teir entertainment

  • M H
    M H Hace 8 días +1

    Grian is like the neighbor in over the hedge, the one that wants everything to be perfect.

  • Sun Lynn Hatchett
    Sun Lynn Hatchett Hace 19 días +1573

    Grian then: *"It's not just a boulder, it's a rock!"*
    Grian now: *"It's not just a mountain, it's a rock!"*
    Grian later: *"It's not just a a planet, it's a rock!"*

    • The1stNathan
      The1stNathan Hace 18 días +1

      @thegreatbeavers it's about drive it's about power we stay hungry we devour put in the work put in the hours and take what's ours

    • TheParallaxEffect
      TheParallaxEffect Hace 19 días +1

      It's not just a star, it's a flaming rock!
      It's not just a galaxy, it's essentially an avalanche of rocks!
      It's not just a universe, it's a somewhat hollow rock!
      It's not just the multiverse, it's a pile of rocks!
      It's not just Dwayne Johnson, it's The Rock!

    • Djsn Xksna
      Djsn Xksna Hace 19 días +2


    • justin janz
      justin janz Hace 19 días +1

      Its not just a Rock, its THE ROCK (insert picture of dwayne johnson)

    • Solzucht Valashu
      Solzucht Valashu Hace 19 días

      moon big

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty Hace 10 días +1

    The portal islands look so good, can't wait to see the rest of your base!

  • Louis Perrin
    Louis Perrin Hace 17 días +2

    2. you could also have farms related to each era in each area for example in ancient greece resources that would be farmed would be things such as stone and grain and meat etc and create farms relevant to the era you are building in that’d be pretty cool love the vids and the ads it’s like a film-ception please keep it up👍🏼

  • MistyThe Willow
    MistyThe Willow Hace 16 días +4

    Hey Grian! Your base is like a fossil! It shows how humanity has evolved and you could add some actual fossils too!

  • MadGoat212
    MadGoat212 Hace 15 días +2

    this whole megabase gives off time traveler vibes
    *seeing where karl went with it im a bit scared of what might come of this*

  • Sayeshwar Bhatia
    Sayeshwar Bhatia Hace 19 días +1207

    not gonna lie, this has to be the best advert I've ever watched in my life. the perfect collab between mumbo, grian, and scar honestly reminded me of some of the shenanigans in the early days of last life and in boatem. I really hope these sort of adverts keep continuing, maybe with even more hermits

  • Qüəəñ øf Čāřđş
    Qüəəñ øf Čāřđş Hace 16 días +1

    That floating portal rocks! I first thought it would look odd with the layout you made, but it looks really mystical once you built it. Maybe change the vines to something else as I don't think you'll be able to shear them all the time

  • Stockton Morris
    Stockton Morris Hace 15 días +1

    I love the look of that floating portal. Just had one major question, is there a contingency plan for when you... I dunno... accidentally die to another wither you summoned and have no elytra to reach your portal with?

  • pigeon _stab
    pigeon _stab Hace 15 días +1

    the structure in the rock looks like something that could have been in the grian empire
    it just has that vibe with the pillars and the shape of the roof, really good stuff!

  • Temmothy V
    Temmothy V Hace 17 días +2

    I was not expecting the portal design but I am pleasantly surprised. Nice work!

  • Isaac Evans
    Isaac Evans Hace 19 días +840

    S6 Grian: Sowing Seeds of War
    S7 Grian: Spreading Spores of Resistance
    S8 Grian: Summoning Celestial-body of Bigness
    S9 Grian: Strewing Stones of Magic

    • Nitro Gamer
      Nitro Gamer Hace 18 días +1

      S10 Grian: Mastering the art of dark matter manipulation

    • Eretice
      Eretice Hace 18 días

      stones of strangeness

    • *Some.Person*
      *Some.Person* Hace 18 días +1

      @Grammar Police LMAOOO

    • Miinxes
      Miinxes Hace 18 días +1

      @Mighty.shidding yup

    • Mighty.shidding
      Mighty.shidding Hace 18 días +1

      Was poultry man in season 6?

  • Montgomery Montgomery
    Montgomery Montgomery Hace 8 días +1

    I’m so excited for this season!

  • Gecko 202
    Gecko 202 Hace 14 días +1

    Again grian at it with the amazing subtitles! Thanks a lot- I love the effort put in- well done!

  • Griffin
    Griffin  Hace 10 días +1

    I heard some one say this. You should call the big entity "the being"

  • Little green man
    Little green man Hace 16 días +1

    Hi Grian, love the videos, I just wanted to say that you can put string under the plants on the floating islands to stop it from getting overgrown

  • Xanzi
    Xanzi Hace 19 días +2264

    The subtitles on these videos are amazing, especially seeing how long and frequently uploaded these videos are. Not many people talk about this, but they are very well made and even color coded to make following discussions easier. Thank you for this, more channels should do this :)

    • Chojin613
      Chojin613 Hace 17 días

      I usually have subtitles turned on, but I'm using a different device. Thanks for reminding me to turn them on

    • animeking1357
      animeking1357 Hace 18 días +1

      @Isaiah Barak Try the captions button in the video options spot.

    • Isaiah Barak
      Isaiah Barak Hace 18 días

      @animeking1357 I did that but I don't have any fun coloring 😕 is it only for certain parts of the video? or does it not work on mobile? I will try to watch again with them on but it's a small screen already so I try to keep em off normally.

    • Raph
      Raph Hace 19 días

      Wow I didn't even realize that, its amazing

    • HUNTER BS Hindi
      HUNTER BS Hindi Hace 19 días +2

      Zedaph has those too

  • Jordan Lilly
    Jordan Lilly Hace 15 días +1

    Grian, for the entrance to the main base, you could do the same texturing on the pillars as on the roof, and also maybe use some stair blocks to give it a bit of a more dated, decayed look

  • Lunar
    Lunar  Hace 10 días +1

    I love the portal and the blue roof they both look so cool!

  • Galaxy
    Galaxy Hace 13 días +1

    I really like the idea of the floating islands. Something that I think would look really cool though is if the rift made the bridge into a bunch of loosely connected segments.

  • RandomStuffsDude
    RandomStuffsDude Hace 12 días +2

    Has anyone suggest that you use string underneath the glow berries to stop them from growing? Because if not you should do that.

  • Blob Cat
    Blob Cat Hace 18 días +1223

    The line: “We are all out of tea” made me laugh so hard, I dont know how Grian didn’t burst out laughing after the lid dropped into the cup
    Time Stamp: 7:44

  • Kplus8
    Kplus8 Hace un día

    I just realized, seeing the back of Mumbo's head, that he still has Grian's soul & waffle.

  • Loading… NAME NOT FOUND

    Love ur vids! U are all great and wholesome! Keep up the good work!

  • SirJoran
    SirJoran Hace 15 días

    21:24 you can place string beneath the glow berries to prevent them from growing

  • TurtleMc
    TurtleMc Hace 15 días

    Hey Grian love your content cant wait for another episode.

  • Sonia’s Way
    Sonia’s Way Hace 19 días +882

    Love how Mumbo and Grian are neighbors every season. It’s like a tradition

  • JFlint GAMING
    JFlint GAMING Hace 10 días +2

    The portal looks like a moon.
    If your a marvel fan, you know EXACTLY what I'm thinking!

  • kCarnelian
    kCarnelian Hace 16 días

    I've been watching this type of video for so long that I actually saw the cut in the convo with Mumbo where it looks like you edited out him checking in OOC about whether or not it was genuinely OK what he did. Y'all really care about being good to each other on Hermitcraft and I love that.

  • Agapanther
    Agapanther Hace 16 días

    When Grian does the timelapse of himself mining I LOVE how the subtitles say Blululululub!

  • Evan Slack
    Evan Slack Hace 7 días

    The idea that your actually looking at the interior and you just started building has me very excited. Almost feels like you might actually live in your mega base 😂

  • Teertha Vyas
    Teertha Vyas Hace 11 días +1

    I LOVE your base this season! everything looks so magical and now with some lore?

  • A_fox_on_the_road
    A_fox_on_the_road Hace 16 días

    That portal design is so awesome! It could also pass as a bat signal for Pearl. A Pearl signal.

  • Saspa
    Saspa Hace 17 días

    Your floating island is amazing! Your videos always make me smile and your creativity inspires me :)

  • Alan Rollf
    Alan Rollf Hace 17 días

    I love that portal! Super excited for you and mumbo to base together!

  • Saphira1198
    Saphira1198 Hace 19 días +463

    The last bit with Scar reading Chapter One of the "book" gave me literal chills! So excited for this season and Grian playing with lore :)

    • Mozilla Turtle Fox
      Mozilla Turtle Fox Hace 19 días +1

      Same!! I feel like people aren’t talking about it enough, which is really just a shame, I love storytelling through Minecraft and love to talk of it

  • Lone Stoner
    Lone Stoner Hace 11 días

    Really enjoyed your portal dude. Looked amazing!

  • NerdFlanders303
    NerdFlanders303 Hace 15 días

    I like how the base is incorporated into the surroundings. It reminds me of different Jedi temples seen around Star Wars!

  • GalaxyCrystal
    GalaxyCrystal Hace 7 días

    The fact that Grian shared the prize with the others was really nice of him :]

  • Wonderful_Chaos
    Wonderful_Chaos Hace 16 días +3

    I don't know why, but whenever he says "Gradient" I can only think about "Grainient"
    it just feels like a missed opportunity to me

  • shade2075
    shade2075 Hace 19 días +273

    The effects of the rift have already started, Grian's base has a back!

  • hen ko
    hen ko Hace 9 días +1

    “If I had a nickel for every time mumbo built a vault directly in front of my base, I’d have two nickels which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice.”

  • Lachezar Kotov
    Lachezar Kotov Hace 17 días

    That was great sponsor! I loved it! keep the hard work!

  • Mallory Enns
    Mallory Enns Hace 10 días

    The floating portal is amazing!!

  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones Hace 13 días +2

    Maybe it's just me, but I feel if you're going to have the dome looking weather worn and damaged, then you should do the same for the columns.

  • TheSleet
    TheSleet Hace 19 días +149

    Man we really do need an audio book about landscaping from Scar..

    • A P
      A P Hace 19 días +2

      yes we do!

  • Irkleshmertz
    Irkleshmertz Hace 15 días

    I absolutely love that portal!

  • Marc
    Marc Hace un día

    i love how mumbos vault is going to be like a dungeon outside grians door XD

  • Ivy System
    Ivy System Hace 4 días

    From the idea of the building being damaged, you could make a lightning bolt on the rock so it looks like the building/rock was hit by energy

  • JustinaK
    JustinaK Hace 15 días

    It's going to be a beautiful base, Grian

  • Bigboom243
    Bigboom243 Hace 19 días +476

    I always love it when creators do creative ADs like that, that are actually enjoyable to watch and aren't just themreading off a script *cough* raid shadow legends *cough*.

    • Bigboom243
      Bigboom243 Hace 6 días

      @Gabriel G Audio books really aren't your thing huh?

    • Jr837
      Jr837 Hace 19 días +1

      @Gabriel G bruh what its just audible

    • Gabriel G
      Gabriel G Hace 19 días

      Except the product is still the same ad-cancer garbage that is all over youtube. Stop getting used to embedded advertisements.

      NGT RATMAN Hace 19 días

      Raid shadow legends play now for free

    • Ellaren
      Ellaren Hace 19 días

      Pint has wonderful raid shadow legends ones tho xD

  • OceanicIvy
    OceanicIvy Hace 7 días

    I LOVE the portal it is so awesome how it was built