Hermitcraft 9: Episode 6 - SECRET FOOLS DAY

  • Publicado el 31 mar 2022
  • Hermitcraft 9: Episode 6 - SECRET FOOLS DAY Grian is on the hermitcraft server and theres some serious pranking happening!
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  • impulseSV
    impulseSV Hace un mes +21974

    I'm so ashamed that I didn't see that coming 😳

  • MaggieHoney
    MaggieHoney Hace un mes +398

    The “snow plow” caught me off guard 😂 I laughed for a solid 2 minutes

  • ItsANoForMeThanks
    ItsANoForMeThanks Hace un mes +285

    I would love to see the Hermits do a season where they all “work together.” An example is an amusement park but they each have their own kingdom or theme. Something where they’re all together in one project but still have their individual freedom. The shopping district would be like a central kingdom or a Maine street similar to Disney World

    • Gaug Hodge
      Gaug Hodge Hace 11 horas

      They could make their own Disney World and each hermit are assigned to a part of it, example: grian: star wars area (i think it's name is the edge of the galaxy or something but idk)

    • ItsANoForMeThanks
      ItsANoForMeThanks Hace 14 días +2

      @rose oh yeah!! Imagine with the caves update how amazing that would be. Grian, Pearl, and Gem would be great additions to one of these.

    • Nathan Blanche
      Nathan Blanche Hace 28 días +6

      @rose and the theme park / village is season 6

    • rose
      rose Hace un mes +18

      they did that in s5 with that giant underground cave, but it would be cool to see something like that again.

  • warzinc
    warzinc Hace un mes +146

    Grain: season after season you are the catalyst that brings the Hermits together. From Tag to Electric Boogaloo to this, everyone's videos get better when you're involved. Wow man.

    • ALT
      ALT Hace 3 días +1


  • weaponeer
    weaponeer Hace un mes +649

    Scar: "Cool kids keep their stuff on them."
    Grian: "I'm gona double totem."
    Scar: "Does that work?"
    Grian: "I'm gona find out."

  • Levi Stevens
    Levi Stevens Hace un mes +2330

    Grian: "In Season 6, what was the name of my very first shop?"
    *Eats bread with heavy eye contact*

    • Redacted Name
      Redacted Name Hace 5 días

      @_Eztli_The_Watcher_ 👁️ prolonged eye contact 👁️

    • AtomicWave 2
      AtomicWave 2 Hace 10 días

      I think its was a boat or smthn

    • o. .o
      o. .o Hace 16 días +1

      @GamersGambit I feel like he has a shop before that. It probably sells quartz too, or something

    • GamersGambit
      GamersGambit Hace 19 días

      @CCABP in a pickle

    • Pilot Smith
      Pilot Smith Hace 23 días +1


  • JokingThief
    JokingThief Hace un mes +127

    Grian still taking a point of damage after distancing himself from the explosion demonstrates, to me, just how powerful those Minecart TNT traps are

    • allys marie
      allys marie Hace un día

      Right? Like I knew they were powerful but he was pretty far and there was even stone

    • JokingThief
      JokingThief Hace 12 días

      @Mike the Goo Somehow I think Grain would approve that concept

    • Mike the Goo
      Mike the Goo Hace 12 días +2

      I thought for a second you were gonna say that it proves how stupid Grian is, and somehow still smart

  • NeedycoolcjsBF
    NeedycoolcjsBF Hace 25 días +21

    I was like “oh he’s finally going to do something nice”
    Grian: *shows observer*

  • Emily An
    Emily An Hace un mes +63

    I’m so sad that Etho isn’t playing yet, he would have nailed secret fools,

  •  Hace un mes +175

    As a 47 yr old mom of two teens, I have to say thank you so much for all the good, clean entertainment you all provide for my kids, and dare I say it, ME! In a world with so much crud, it’s great to see successful entertainers who keep it clean!

  • Eleanor Radaza
    Eleanor Radaza Hace un mes +2148

    Scar: "Cool kids keep their stuff on them."
    Grian: "I wanna be cool!"
    love you both

  • Teenage Gamer
    Teenage Gamer Hace un mes +86

    The "How did you get there first??" Was literally the exact reaction we wanted.

  • ghost1015
    ghost1015 Hace un mes +31

    "When has TNT ever gone badly?"
    *All of Last Life has entered the chat*

  • Somerton
    Somerton Hace un mes +94

    Aww, I was just thinking how sweet and wholesome Grian's prank was, with diamonds at the end and everything! And just as I thought it, he revealed the TNT observer 🤣

  • Mýkitestv
    Mýkitestv Hace un mes +71

    “Look at the tentacles grian, look at the tentacles”
    “Look at those dangly tentacles”
    -grian and scar, 2022

  • docm77
    docm77 Hace un mes +560

    *Logs off*

  • Everything Cat
    Everything Cat Hace 29 días +14

    *brings in a creature who can cause mass destruction*
    *kills off most of them*
    *declares them on the brink of extinction and says they must be protected*
    Man you’re giving off mixed signals here

  • G3N3T1KZz
    G3N3T1KZz Hace un mes +17

    6:13 Docs laugh made this so hilarious

  • BananaMilkshakeSplit
    BananaMilkshakeSplit Hace un mes +21

    You know, despite your love for pokemon, I'm surprised that you didn't name the last two living ghasts: Jesse and James. That way when anyone spots them in the sky; they will know that they are blasting off again.

    • BananaMilkshakeSplit
      BananaMilkshakeSplit Hace un mes

      @Clash of Memes I know he made a Pokemon GO video some time in the past. I don't know how much of a fan that he is, but it would be a fitting name for the two ghasts.

    • Clash of Memes
      Clash of Memes Hace un mes

      Oh wow i didnt know grain likes pokemon

  • Fergus Young
    Fergus Young Hace un mes +14

    I’m so sad that Etho isn’t playing yet, he would have nailed secret fools,

  • GodzillaGaming
    GodzillaGaming Hace un mes +2030

    Grian: we will explode if you get it wrong
    Impulse: That’s fine
    Grian: we are under your house
    Impulse: That is not fine

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement Hace 14 días +5

    4:00 Love how Grian gets the Uneasy Alliance advancement (killing a Ghast in the overworld) because of this prank.
    14:05 This "snow plow" is the greatest thing I've seen all day.
    17:31 Grian's not just a fooler, he's a superfooler!
    22:10 Lmfao Grian with the blue and red pills/dyes.
    26:16 It's even funnier from Grian's pov. xD

  • zijuiy wttuy
    zijuiy wttuy Hace un mes +7

    I’m so sad that Etho isn’t playing yet, he would have nailed secret fools,

  • Janey 🔥F-'ck M'-e - Check my P'ro'fi-le🔥

    Grian: "It's literally impossible for him to get a question wrong."
    Impulse: "I'm gonna go with the blue dye"
    Grian: "That was the wrong one."

  • Rebecca Jensen
    Rebecca Jensen Hace un mes +17

    Love seeing Grian “get good”-er with each new season. Proud of you dude have a good break

    • Krazy
      Krazy Hace un mes +2

      Nice iskall reference

  • SamSkyMagpie
    SamSkyMagpie Hace un mes +9294

    Secret Fools should definitely be a recurring holiday tradition. Both pranks by you and Doc were hilarious. Have a good break now, Grian!

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy Hace un mes +6

    I’m so sad that Etho isn’t playing yet, he would have nailed secret fools,

  • Tommy Brown
    Tommy Brown Hace un mes +10

    Grian: "This redstone is so simple, I've done it a thousand times."
    Me: "You don't know any redstone."
    Also Grian: Messes up 1 second later.

  • Cathy - Certified Idiot
    Cathy - Certified Idiot Hace un mes +7

    morale of this prank: don’t break the blocks touching the floor so ya don’t lose the diamonds

  • Bugsybug YT
    Bugsybug YT Hace un mes +5

    Make it a yearly thing please it turned out amazing and was hilarious to watch! I was on the edge of my seat during the quiz

  • Tonescarp
    Tonescarp Hace un mes +2283

    The timing of “Impulse…” and seeing Doc acting pErFeCtLy NoRmAl in Impulse‘s shop was perfect lol

    • enderdragon6036
      enderdragon6036 Hace un mes +1

      @Bop danke

    • Annapotat098
      Annapotat098 Hace un mes +4

      yes hes acting "perfectly normal"
      nothing suspicious

    • Charlie Thunkman
      Charlie Thunkman Hace un mes +9

      I watched docs vid first, Perfectly normal shopping... For books... Yeah

    • ShadyWat TheBean
      ShadyWat TheBean Hace un mes +2

      I was like number 666 and I wanted to point that out for no reason and I pointed it out anyway.

  • Dianna 🥂T[A]P Me!! to Have [𝐒]𝐄𝐗 With 𝐌𝐞

    Grian: "In Season 6, what was the name of my very first shop?"
    Eats bread with heavy eye contact

  • Sarah Landis
    Sarah Landis Hace un mes +4

    Grian is definitely a master of pranking, he put impulse through an emotional roller coaster of a troll

  • Space Kid
    Space Kid Hace un mes +2

    I love how creative Grian’s prank was :DD that was so much fun to watch. I really hope secret fools makes a return some day!

  • conrad dragon
    conrad dragon Hace un mes +3

    It feels like they have so much more interactions when they have yet to build their megabases wich spread them out so the start is always more social

  • Nymphicinae
    Nymphicinae Hace un mes +2802

    If someone wanted Grian condensed into one video, this would be it lol

    • Chaotic Glitched
      Chaotic Glitched Hace un mes +9

      @Benjamin Koch pressed a random button. Check
      Pranked someone: Check
      Was chaotic: Check
      Blew something up: Definitely check.

    • EvO Playz
      EvO Playz Hace un mes +1

      Who is this grain person season 7 everyone that has the name grian and not grain

    • Newcoolgamer200
      Newcoolgamer200 Hace un mes +29

      Hitting scar down the hole, having to press buttons, and pranking. I agree 100%.

    • Grindellion
      Grindellion Hace un mes +32

      @Benjamin Koch "GRAIN!?!?!" Check.

    • Reetta Aittamaa
      Reetta Aittamaa Hace un mes +8

      Absolutely! This was filled with Grian essence!

  • Idiot
    Idiot Hace un mes +2

    This might be my favorite pair of videos, watching this and Doc's perspective, so wholesome! so good lmao. Favorite prank so far!

  • Congele
    Congele Hace un mes +5

    That whole setup with the infinity room, ender porters (especially the ones that makes you go from room to room, the effet was amazing!), along with the skin were all *chef kiss*. I think this might be my favorite prank, right above Doc's one, because yours was so atmospheric! Loved it!

  • chickennug
    chickennug Hace un mes +4

    Honestly, when I first started watching this episode I had a headache ,but with the ghasts in the overworld it somehow made it go away
    I guess Scar was right when he said “Their just so graceful floating up there”

  • Hermit Collector
    Hermit Collector Hace un mes +2

    So, so funny. This is the reason I love HermitCraft.

  • Nymphicinae
    Nymphicinae Hace un mes +4457

    That's such a Doc prank. The technical skill and absolute grind is respectable

    • MyurrDurr
      MyurrDurr Hace un mes

      @TheDrawnChair He's the Legend of the NHO, after all!

    • Josiah Phillips
      Josiah Phillips Hace un mes

      @Smit Shilpatul DocMC is coming for you sevenfold

    • Smit Shilpatul
      Smit Shilpatul Hace un mes +1

      @TheDrawnChair I'm a legend of the nho, with etho beef and double o

    • Smit Shilpatul
      Smit Shilpatul Hace un mes +1

      Cubfan or Tango are the only others who could have done it tbh

  • TheAdvertisement
    TheAdvertisement Hace 14 días +2

    You could say getting through Secret Fools Day is a... _Trial of the Fool._

  • whimsicleシェリナ姫
    whimsicleシェリナ姫 Hace un mes +2

    secret fools DEFINITELY needs to stay

  • TNB
    TNB Hace un mes +2

    secret fools should really become a real thing you do every year, it was really fun to watch

  • Necropious 327
    Necropious 327 Hace un mes +2

    Doc's prank was the most epic prank in Hermitcraft history!

  • Telkii
    Telkii Hace un mes +2421

    Are we going to talk about how Grian just casually dragged a bunch of snowman to their watery graves

    • Loifey🎗
      Loifey🎗 Hace un mes

      @Randomz 🤔

    • Anant Tiwari
      Anant Tiwari Hace un mes

      @Loifey🎗 my bad sorry, i had realized at end

    • Randomz
      Randomz Hace un mes

      @Loifey🎗 who is this "Grain" character you speak of? 🤔

    • PhoneGotTakenAway
      PhoneGotTakenAway Hace un mes

      Grian was trying to set up an in-fi-nity rooom
      (An infinity rooom)

  • SagaciousBen
    SagaciousBen Hace un mes +2

    Congrats on #1 trending on gaming! Definitely a well-deserved ranking! Love your channel, keep going and making hermitcraft fun!

  • Aaron Travels
    Aaron Travels Hace un mes +2

    What a brilliant idea! It has been so much fun going through all the hermits content to see the various pranks. Seeing the spoilers from other videos just encouraged me to keep watching more. Also, excellent job on your own prank, so clever.

  • Splatgirl
    Splatgirl Hace un mes +1

    Grian’s prank was amazing! I love how he even got a skin and everything!

  • Michelle Gonzalez
    Michelle Gonzalez Hace un mes +1

    This was so much fun to watch! You all should do this every year.

  • Buckethead
    Buckethead Hace un mes +1186

    I love how even though Grian is fully aware of *ghastly* consequences he just can't help himself from pressing buttons

    • dragon
      dragon Hace un mes +4

      @Fearful Pixel it is a *blast* from the *past*

    • Zackery Connors
      Zackery Connors Hace un mes


    • Buckethead
      Buckethead Hace un mes +1

      @Astrofield I understood that reference

    • feef
      feef Hace un mes +7

      that joke brought *tears* to my eyes

  • Jesentra
    Jesentra Hace un mes +2

    Definitely do Secret Fools Day again! I'm going to hold off on watching any more videos because I'm hoping that someone will compile all the different victim perspectives...it's so much better when you can't see behind the curtain.

  • Grae Boi
    Grae Boi Hace un mes +4

    Im down to be watching Secret Fools every year! Its so good already lmao
    All the EFFORT just for blow up Impulse was amazing!
    This is why I love Hermitcraft. Everyone's chill and good sports and very elaborate and have outta the box thinking when pranking :)

  • Iain Laurence
    Iain Laurence Hace un mes +2

    More Secret Fools please! Can’t wait to watch everybody else’s pranks

  • Dinozilla
    Dinozilla Hace un mes +3

    I love grain's matrix prank
    I love how he mix the infinity room with fun quiz that impluse can 100% solve ( although he messed the first question up ) and the explosion at the end is hilarious when impluse is thinking he is winning while real winner is us who got a good laugh out of it

  • Cliff Bath
    Cliff Bath Hace un mes +1798

    Impulse's "Oh" followed by Grian's maniacal laughter had me dying.

    • CollaCraft
      CollaCraft Hace 22 días


    • annag cocl
      annag cocl Hace un mes +19

      and Grian is just staring at him with uncanny prescience! I screamed as he shut the door lmao

  • AlexKateCreates
    AlexKateCreates Hace un mes +3

    I have to say, April Fools was such a great idea! The content: amazing. Your prank was so cool, and I feel like Mumbo would be so proud of your redstone! Gg Grian, happy April Fools!

  • [C H E R R Y]-T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me

    Grian: "It's literally impossible for him to get a question wrong."
    Impulse: "I'm gonna go with the blue dye"
    Grian: "That was the wrong one."

  • Laurie Plumley
    Laurie Plumley Hace un mes +1

    Yes we enjoyed the Fools day stuff! Glad so many hermits enjoyed themselves.

  • Skulkle
    Skulkle Hace un mes +3

    This was hilarious and awesome.
    Keep up the great content Grain, lol.

  • Juliana Flowers
    Juliana Flowers Hace un mes +1682

    Seeing this from Doc's angle was hilarious! He was sneaking around waiting for Grian to push the button. He pretends to go shopping at Impulse's, opens the door to come out, and Grian is just staring at him with uncanny prescience! I screamed as he shut the door lmao

    • alyssa
      alyssa Hace un mes +1

      Right 😭

    • Lydia Gerrald
      Lydia Gerrald Hace un mes

      @Juliana Flowers thank you!

    • Juliana Flowers
      Juliana Flowers Hace un mes +5

      @Lydia Gerrald Doc's #5 episode starting around 28:25 :))

    • Venatus
      Venatus Hace un mes +9

      The timing tho, i loled

    • Cin
      Cin Hace un mes +26

      Grain’s shenanigan sense was tingling

  • Rubenico
    Rubenico Hace un mes +2

    Amazing episode Grian! Loving this new season, going back to the old style while keeping it fresh😄

  • ☻StarDusk☹︎
    ☻StarDusk☹︎ Hace 17 días

    And yes! I really love the idea of secret fools day continuing! Each prank was well thought about and creative and equally hilarious on each perspective!

  • Axel Cox
    Axel Cox Hace un mes +1

    Honestly, I am so glad to see the return of the shenanigans from seasons 6 & 7 return and continue.

  • WildChild
    WildChild Hace 28 días

    Gotta love how doc was trying to hide from Grian, and freaking out that he saw him, while Grian didn't stop for a second to think about him.

  • Andrew Lund
    Andrew Lund Hace un mes +2953

    The “snow plow” technique with the snow golems on leads was freaking GOLD. Seriously revolutionary for map making! I hope the other hermits see and utilize this.

    • Stevethefighter 1
      Stevethefighter 1 Hace un mes

      @Becca.Bender37 "The Paintbrush"

    • Andrew Roes
      Andrew Roes Hace un mes +1

      Saw your icon and first name and a four letter last name and got confused LOL

    • TheJumpingBox
      TheJumpingBox Hace un mes

      you still need to build a huge flat area

    • Hudson
      Hudson Hace un mes +1

      Grain has used this before in HeCr S7 And probably S6 too. He did makr an infinity room in S6

    • Jane Co11
      Jane Co11 Hace un mes +1

      Well, actually Mumbo used colems that way before on some season and maybe bdouble also. Mumbo had that pillar outpost near by farm district. Guys, what was the season Just can't remember.. However that was clever to do white maps.

  • HardshelTurtle
    HardshelTurtle Hace un mes +2

    I like how they are taking the ghasts into consideration so deeply.

  • Franni Ghost
    Franni Ghost Hace un mes +1

    All of the pranks I've seen so far have been amazing!! Thank you for coming up with the idea :D

  • Calvin Mc
    Calvin Mc Hace un mes +3

    void rooms are impossible on bedrock because you cant have multiple item frames on the same block.

  • Corrupted Tree
    Corrupted Tree Hace un mes

    Had me laughing from start to finish! Fantastic as always! ♥️♥️♥️

  • resverie
    resverie Hace un mes +710

    doc saying “i had my ghast storage down there” is so damn funny to me xD
    if anyone were to actually have a random stash of ghasts, it’d be him

    • resverie
      resverie Hace un mes +3

      @LemmHMG - Heavy Metal Gaming oml i wasn’t even thinking about the ghast cannon… xD

    • Alaina Titus
      Alaina Titus Hace un mes +1

      True Grian fan secret lol 😏

    • Scott Owens
      Scott Owens Hace un mes +1

      @Klay Who's this Poultruy Man character?

    • Klay
      Klay Hace un mes +3


  • Kaye
    Kaye Hace un mes

    Please make this a continued tradition on Hermitcraft it was so good!

  • peabeanmilk
    peabeanmilk Hace 21 un día

    grian youre a genius!!! thank you for making me and everyone else smile :D

  • MrMr Meta
    MrMr Meta Hace un mes +2

    26:24 impulses “OH” made me crack up so hard

  • Laric Duke
    Laric Duke Hace un mes

    I loved this event. All the pranks I've seen so far were really funny and entertaining :D

  • Linren
    Linren Hace un mes +1623

    I love how impulse just says “I’ll take the blue one”. With such confidence.

    • dude82us
      dude82us Hace un mes

      Impulse chose blue bc he has seen the movie Matrix the red pill tool him deeper into the rabbit hole...the blue pill took him back and all will be forgotten and he will put back into the world

    • GodzillaGaming
      GodzillaGaming Hace un mes +2

      @Smigl that means he can go back to the real world

    • Smigl
      Smigl Hace un mes +1


    • Smigl
      Smigl Hace un mes +2

      He chose blue but after grian gave him red lil

    • N M
      N M Hace un mes +15

      Not a hint of indecision

  • TheCamillaRose
    TheCamillaRose Hace un mes

    Grian thank you for the secret fools initiative. You really made it fun to watch every hermit's pranks. Its amazing

  • Kelly Hibarger
    Kelly Hibarger Hace un mes

    I absolutely loved this server event. I hope it an annual thing. Fantastic work

  • Valenspire
    Valenspire Hace un mes

    If the group is up to it then I would love to see this next year! it was so fun

  • PhoenixJen8
    PhoenixJen8 Hace un mes

    Secret Fools has been so much fun! I hope we get to see it again

  • Eis_
    Eis_ Hace un mes +1073

    You know, the prank all along was that "rotating symbol" being off-centre. It was mildly infuriating.

  • john camerota
    john camerota Hace 4 días

    It would be so fun to find a server like this where everyone is so chill and friendly.

  • StarNanny
    StarNanny Hace un mes

    That was a fun effect! The best part was you appearing from nowhere….well thought out….excellently executed!

  • Susanna Ferguson
    Susanna Ferguson Hace un mes +4

    When you were crafting the TNT minecarts I got some serious Last Life flashbacks. I thought for SURE you were gonna blow up.😜
    BTW secret fools should DEFINITELY happen again. 😉

  • vegabotain
    vegabotain Hace un mes

    Thank you for the secret fools, that was so much fun and lots of vids! I still haven't been able to watch them all. :D

  • Limeythekind
    Limeythekind Hace un mes +1550

    Grian: "Prank the Hermit without them knowing because it's Secret Fools!"
    Also Grian: "Hey Impluse, I am in the prank!"
    Love it though, some of these were really good! I think so far Doc is in the top spot, still waiting on a couple of videos though. This should absolutely happen again!

    • TheGlassWolf320
      TheGlassWolf320 Hace un mes +5

      JoeHills’ ‘prank’ was also great. Not in the sense that it was something grand, but more so because of how hilarious & unexpected it was (especially if you watched Iskall’s video first).

    • Klay
      Klay Hace un mes +1


    • William P Jr
      William P Jr Hace un mes +4

      The cherry on top for me was that out of all the options... xBCrafted got Kerallis and Kerallis got xBCrafted!! 🤣 🤣 🤣
      Couldn't ask for much better when it comes to that..

    • No Name - Codm
      No Name - Codm Hace un mes +3

      When stealth is optional

  • Itchlord
    Itchlord Hace un mes

    “If you get it wring there is a cery high chance you will die”
    I love Grian coming in with technically correct statements like this

  • Fruit
    Fruit Hace un mes +3

    And with that, Grian's wardrobe continues to expand.

  • War Hazard Gaming
    War Hazard Gaming Hace un mes

    That was so awesome. I loved it. Grian, you are a prank genius

  • some_donkus
    some_donkus Hace un mes

    Out of everything, Sub Grain had me crying. Your prank was amazing!

  • iGlowBerries
    iGlowBerries Hace un mes +587

    The slogan of The Entity should be "Stock in a Rock!"

  • StormC9A
    StormC9A Hace un mes

    Yes, Secret Fools should definitely be a thing! It's a fun, wholesome way to do April Fools!

  • Heather Wood
    Heather Wood Hace un mes

    Have a good brake Grian! :) thank you for entertaining us with all this Minecraft :D! Also I do think secret fools day should be a holiday in HermitCraft

  • HezaRose
    HezaRose Hace un mes

    I hope you guys do another Secret Fools, it seems like you all had a great time! :D

  • Seth Roach
    Seth Roach Hace un mes

    Grian I loved it from impulse's pov, but me and my son sat down and watched yours and it made it 10 times better. Thank you for secret fools, you are a Hermit Saint.
    BTW, Hermit Saint Grian has a nice ring to it.

  • marti isern
    marti isern Hace un mes +974

    Impulse didn't see that coming. He looked so innocent and ephemerally
    happy while saying: there goes your prank, and your diamonds. This is great!

    • Spectre
      Spectre Hace un mes

      @Nexus I have literally just found out about that triangle yesterday. It still blows my mind.

    • Nexus
      Nexus Hace un mes

      Sierpiński triangle, nice!

  • The Random Nation
    The Random Nation Hace un mes

    Love your vids Grian keep them up you always make me laugh

  • RossDog
    RossDog Hace un mes +5

    If you're here watching Grian and feeling inspired, then keep going grinding away! We are all in the same boat here looking for ways to help all our channels. keep up the good work and Never Give Up!

  • Amyleah08
    Amyleah08 Hace un mes

    Those pranks were amazing to watch, and I hope you have a good break!!

  • Jelly fitzy
    Jelly fitzy Hace un mes

    This was so funny! Thank you for always working so hard!