Minecraft: How to 100% MOB PROOF your house!

  • Publicado el 1 mar 2016
  • Minecraft: How to 100% MOB PROOF your house!
    Helping you to create a well defended house.
    I'm hoping I covered everything. however, DISCLAIMER: You guys probably know this stuff better than me, I had to learn these techniques and I thought i'd share them with you! Hope you enjoyed!
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  • Mish 24
    Mish 24 Hace 3 años +2258

    Another method:
    *don’t build a house, just dig a hole and cover it.*

    • Vereenia
      Vereenia Hace 3 meses

      Mobs can't breach your house if you don't have one

    • spooky doot doot
      spooky doot doot Hace un año

      This comment is just full of elitism

    • Ant
      Ant Hace un año

      @Light Mode 2 block high roof

    • Riccardo Ragazzo
      Riccardo Ragazzo Hace un año

      Right 😆

    • Fortnite Fan
      Fortnite Fan Hace un año

      @FLUXXIĒ creepers only explode when they can see y oh

  • MarigoldWisp
    MarigoldWisp Hace 2 años +34

    Guys, there’s a way to stop phantoms...
    It’s called going into your house.

  • Sokandueler95
    Sokandueler95 Hace un año +101

    “I haven’t played survival Minecraft in a really long time.”
    4 years later.

  • Colton Hines
    Colton Hines Hace un año +83

    "The wall is to stop anything getting in."
    -Grian, 2016

  • Evelyn Tetteh
    Evelyn Tetteh Hace 2 años +30

    Grian:The puddle is COMPLETELY enderman proof
    Enderman's ability to teleport: Allow me to introduce myself

  • Mamoon
    Mamoon Hace 3 años +2758

    "Now there is no way any mob can get in to this house"
    Phantom: Hold my beer.

  • lookingfornezu
    lookingfornezu Hace 2 años +126

    Grian: Makes a mob proof house
    Peaceful mode: *Am i a joke to you?*

  • PTlionGaming
    PTlionGaming Hace un año +96

    Instructions unclear, built house in end and destroyed by ender dragon.

  • Steve Howell
    Steve Howell Hace 2 años +2

    Another method: use slabs with air below them.

  • GamerG331 Playz
    GamerG331 Playz Hace un año +3

    You are the best builder I know I can’t even tell that there’s protection because the house in the decoration looks so good

  • Cody'sLab
    Cody'sLab Hace 3 años +3602

    Now to stop the phantoms...

    • tvelve 12
      tvelve 12 Hace 3 meses

      How to stop phantoms:
      1 peaceful
      2 bed
      3 gamerule
      4 cats
      5 blocks
      6light every block with any light source including air blocks up high

    • H E L L O
      H E L L O Hace 3 meses

      s l e p

    • tvelve 12
      tvelve 12 Hace 3 meses

      Just sleep

    • Vinfinity Gaming
      Vinfinity Gaming Hace 3 meses

      Just make a roof to a large area above your house

  • Taylor Mae
    Taylor Mae Hace 2 años +2

    Just use magma block and cover it with a trapdoor around ur base that'll keep mobs away

  • lizzyslaughter
    lizzyslaughter Hace 2 años +162

    Me:Doesn’t sleep for 3 days

    • ZZZTripleZZZ
      ZZZTripleZZZ Hace 7 meses

      @ThatBuilderBoi no dude

    • Techstorm.
      Techstorm. Hace un año

      @sophia oh, i see

    • sophia
      sophia Hace un año

      @Techstorm. people in minecraft don’t sleep because maybe they have to go afk for a farm

    • Techstorm.
      Techstorm. Hace un año

      @sophia what

    • sophia
      sophia Hace un año

      @Techstorm. xp farm, afk farm

  • Breakstuffz Mapping
    Breakstuffz Mapping Hace un año +1

    Trust me, spruce wood logs, fences, and stairs, brown concrete, dark oak stars, slabs, doors, and lanterns are an AMAZING combo

  • Redd
    Redd Hace 2 años +2

    Another way to do it : make it out of bedrock with a (brightly lit) underground entrance .

  • Eiji
    Eiji Hace 3 años +822

    grian:now no hostile mobs can come to your house!
    Mojang:lets add phantoms!!

  • Gale
    Gale Hace 2 años +1

    With the doors you can actually just put another door so it actually makes a double door so the actual door is in the correct direction. Also since doors normally come in 3s it's easier.

  • Chris W
    Chris W Hace un año +2

    These tutorials are the best for people who cant get the latest updates!

  • Halo Theft Auto 4
    Halo Theft Auto 4 Hace 2 años +1

    You could make a house with 3-deep walls with obsidian/ bricks on the inside, so you can make your house look good. If a creeper blows up on the outside, your inside will still be intact.

  • Bryher Island Adventures
    Bryher Island Adventures Hace un año +4

    Grain: bricks don’t work
    Also Grain: diorite doesn’t work
    Bdups: you want to bet

  • Another Asian
    Another Asian Hace 3 años +832

    Grian: unraidable
    Phantoms: allow us to introduce ourselves

  • FoxboyDoesStuff
    FoxboyDoesStuff Hace 2 años

    Grian, I just want to say, your channel was the first ESclips channel I ever subscribed to. Love your content, don’t stop.

  • basedstream sam
    basedstream sam Hace un año +1

    Also a good tip: you can put cats at the gates so creepers and phantoms wont go near

  • bigredwolf6
    bigredwolf6 Hace 2 años

    I think obsidian works really well with red stained glass, nether brick, and lava ponds with rock piles

  • Topcrafter
    Topcrafter Hace 2 años +81

    Grian * 5 pistons extending* "and here we have a bunch of redstone..."
    Mumbo: * building an overkill 22 piston extender* "actually that took much less redstone than I thought it would"
    Mumbo: * builds a good-ish looking house* "Wow that is beautiful!"
    Grian * builds a legendary megabuild* "not my best creation tho"
    😂😂 like if u agree

    • Man in a hat
      Man in a hat Hace un año +7

      You had such a good comment. And ruined it by asking for likes, so close

  • jameslf123
    jameslf123 Hace 3 años +1192

    Comments: ender dragon, wither, phantom!
    Vex: am i a joke to you?

  • Bonito Búho
    Bonito Búho Hace 2 años +2

    Grian: ignore the house
    Me: staring at it’s beauty

  • River Rasmussen
    River Rasmussen Hace 2 años +40

    Grian: if anyone makes this you have to much time.
    Me: wait you made that.

  • Tundra Dragon
    Tundra Dragon Hace 2 años +102

    6:16 I know grian isn’t a redstone guy but did he just call a hopper a DROPPER

  • CrispyLemonz
    CrispyLemonz Hace un año +2

    Ik this is very late but for creepers you can get a bunch of cats and have em sit around outside your base to scare them. If you put some on the roof too it scares phantoms.

  • TesTr
    TesTr Hace 3 años +1178

    How to make you house *COMPLETELY* mob proof, and when I say completely, I mean *COMPLETELY*!
    Simple: Peaceful mode

  • Birthson Bluebell
    Birthson Bluebell Hace 2 años

    No naturally-spawning entity is immune to arrows. I expect you to use that to your advantage.

  • Jesse Novik
    Jesse Novik Hace 2 años

    Tip for the mobs:
    Attack from the other side of the house

  • Mylo Fryett
    Mylo Fryett Hace 2 años

    Brick looks good with quartz and stone brick for the roof

  • Karter Rupe
    Karter Rupe Hace 2 años

    dont enslave villagers use iron golems and also to keep creepers away use ocelots on fence posts (make sure to give them care though)

  • Icey Max
    Icey Max Hace 2 años +500

    The most popular one is the fence gate
    *Points to trapdoor*

    • Athel86 -Luke Morphis
      Athel86 -Luke Morphis Hace un año +4

      I’d say button with an iron door is the besr

    • sup
      sup Hace un año +3

      Lol the best one is the fence gate still looks at trap door

    • Nirvan Baduamanda
      Nirvan Baduamanda Hace un año +2


    • - Elestorium -
      - Elestorium - Hace 2 años +14

      He also said droppers when talking about hoppers

  • Ian3303
    Ian3303 Hace 11 meses

    I got an idea:make 1×1 holes around the house,then place one pufferfish in each,then place trapdoors over the holes
    (I did that in my survival world and it worked very well)

    MEME_LOL_REKT Hace 2 años

    Or you can just place a fence around your house and light it up. has the same effect.

  • Skyblue 05
    Skyblue 05 Hace 2 años

    I remember we had this fall pit with a villager in the centre having water push everything into the centre where then it fell and died then all the items were picked up by the hoppers then collected

  • thraxx lukee
    thraxx lukee Hace 2 años

    step one, add some arches in your build to give it some field of depth

  • Gabriel Link
    Gabriel Link Hace 3 años +2912

    Grian: 100% mob proof
    Enderdragon: Say that to my face.
    Wither: More like to my three faces

    • Ash L.
      Ash L. Hace un año

      I guess, but only if that's on a server and your friend spawned in a wither to kill you and your house. Unless you spawned in a wither on purpose, but you wouldn't do that in or near your house.

    • Rayzeon
      Rayzeon Hace un año


    • Cinnamon Waffle
      Cinnamon Waffle Hace un año


    • Rufino Luces
      Rufino Luces Hace un año

      But as in Natural Spawning

    • Knivez Viagedor
      Knivez Viagedor Hace un año

      Lollloloololoololilolo looking lololololool Polo

  • Squirtzle
    Squirtzle Hace 2 años +2

    Dear Grian, Can you do a video on factory decorations? You see,I am doing a then and now of one of the factory's I use to have,and other than the epic ideas I already have,I would LOVE it if you did a video on factory decorations!

  • Daniel Ten Hovemaster
    Daniel Ten Hovemaster Hace un año +8

    Me minning down three blocks placing one above me

  • Alex Moreno
    Alex Moreno Hace un año

    A cool way to get into a 2nd- 3rd ect story house, what you can do is dig a hole 1 block deep, then put a sticky piston in it/ racing up and then put the slime block on top of the sticky piston. Just add a button and boom! This machine launches you pretty far and its really simple! *you have to stand on the slime block*

  • An anonymous little boy

    0:47 I spawned a creeper in my world with the non-full ground, and then switched to Survival. The creeper just walked across the string carpet like it was nothing.

  • Hayden Fittin
    Hayden Fittin Hace un año

    The ladder on the overkill house is not mob proof but all you have to do for it to become mob proof is to add a trapdoor at the top of the ladder that opens up to the side parallel with the house.

  • AJ Narula
    AJ Narula Hace 2 años

    5:25 unlikely but cave spiders are one block wide and therefore can get into your base

  • Tina Hunter
    Tina Hunter Hace 2 años +1

    For a creeper proof wall you can do any stairs facing each other with water in them

  • Thaelyn Hunnicutt
    Thaelyn Hunnicutt Hace 2 años

    Or you could do a mideval castle themed build with a outer wall(don't know the terminology for a lot of this so I'm going to be wrong here) and a mote (a mote doesn't need water I could be dry) and the inner parts can be used to shoot arrows from

  • Janet Sgro
    Janet Sgro Hace 6 años +1681

    How to 100% Mob Proof your house in less than a minute: Turn off difficulty.

  • D. LGND
    D. LGND Hace un año

    I remember trying to make a protection wall made out of fire but the problem was the house was wood and the fire was far from the house but I saw the house burning down

  • Taisei
    Taisei Hace 2 años +5

    When he said puddle of water, *I felt that*

    CHEEEEEEESE Hace un año

    The unmentioned method:
    Use a door unless ur on hard mode :)

  • Marvel_DC_Fan101
    Marvel_DC_Fan101 Hace un año

    9:24 I personally like the second one more.

  • Pizza Hater
    Pizza Hater Hace 5 años +41

    you can use ocelots to keep away creepers from your house

    • Natalie Lyn
      Natalie Lyn Hace 4 años +1

      I use ocelots!

    • TheSuperGamingPie
      TheSuperGamingPie Hace 5 años +1

      AndroidPetar BG NO ONE USES OCELOTS

    • Airship Pilot
      Airship Pilot Hace 5 años +3

      Villagers are intelligent (well, barely), maybe they committed a crime and deserve to be punished.

    • Daniel San
      Daniel San Hace 5 años +1

      Gavin Morris
      And keeping villagers in tiny boxes with no food and no water isn't abuse?

    • Gavin Morris
      Gavin Morris Hace 5 años +2

      animal abuse

  • JuicetinOnion
    JuicetinOnion Hace 2 años

    Well You Could Make A 1x1 Walkway And Use A Piston And A Lever To Kill The Remaining Mobs And Don't Use A Open Roof Walkway To Prevent Phantoms Use Glass If You Want

  • Gilboot
    Gilboot Hace 2 años

    You could do the villager bait trick with afk players and then it would attract every hostile mob

  • Rufino Luces
    Rufino Luces Hace un año +2

    From previous video how to protect your house
    Every Traps grian think of had every Strength and weaknesses so this might be 100% true,Some future mobs may make this less than 100

  • gamer4life505
    gamer4life505 Hace un año

    I recently started playing Minecraft I’m planning to build my mega base soon witch will be a massive castle on a hill not far from my current base might use some of these tricks to spawn proof it the plan is to build an entire city slash farm area that is 3 maps wide and 3 maps up and down just mapping out the areas around my base witch is at spawn so I can easily get back to my base with a compass once the map is done I’ll build a wall around the entire area light up the area inside the walls and turn my old base into a villager living area with lots of beds so a lot of work to do to make sure it’s safe and spawn proof iron golems trap doors on the walls the works

  • Ezio Auditore
    Ezio Auditore Hace 6 años +868

    Or... you can have an iron door with a button

    • Creeper
      Creeper Hace 3 años


    • NotAhoj
      NotAhoj Hace 3 años

      Zombies can break doors.....

      LOOTY LOONY Hace 4 años

      Ezio Auditore stop stop it get some help

    • l
      l Hace 4 años

      Ezio Auditore Enderman.

    • Jo Stallard
      Jo Stallard Hace 5 años


  • Sir Jerkey
    Sir Jerkey Hace 2 años

    You could have the bait villager as a cleric so you can collect the rotten flesh from the zombies and trade it, or you could just put those around your house as just a farm

  • Kanda神田
    Kanda神田 Hace 2 años +2

    Here’s a way to 100% keep mobs out
    Step one: build a house
    Step two: Set difficulty Peaceful mode

  • Bananenmilch 2085
    Bananenmilch 2085 Hace un año +3

    Grian: If a mob can follow you here, I give up
    Zombie: spawns right in front of the door

  • Михаил Агарков

    You can not use water, just make a 2-block high platform, they will not pass.

  • Simon G
    Simon G Hace 5 años +1139

    "Just build a wall and make the mobs pay for it!"

  • Isekai Dubz
    Isekai Dubz Hace 2 años

    I didn't know about the door placement thing but have actually been doing it the whole time. I didn't even know zombies attacked doors until I watched this

  • Inf.
    Inf. Hace un año

    If you guys want to stop phantoms
    Just surround your house with cats outside
    And you have to make the cats sit and then it will make phantoms stay away
    PS: you need to tame them and you need to sit them on certain spots

  • Melanie Coblentz
    Melanie Coblentz Hace 2 años

    Something I did once was build a big solid cobblestone plat form and put the house on top and I also made it so you had to open two doors to get inside the house.

  • Squissle
    Squissle Hace 2 años

    Is it just me or when I watch your videos, it makes me want to play Minecraft?

  • Gael MZ
    Gael MZ Hace 3 años +447

    Just change your wooden door to an iron door

    • Corona
      Corona Hace 3 años

      With Endermen, you can just make the inside of your house three blocks high. It's high enough for you to jump around but too short for endermen

    • The Music Man
      The Music Man Hace 3 años

      @VorticalSpace use a WOODEN BUTTON

    • Paul Adam
      Paul Adam Hace 3 años

      ur profile was perfect

    • VorticalSpace
      VorticalSpace Hace 3 años

      but the time buttons give you is aghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhg

    • CricketCoop
      CricketCoop Hace 3 años

      NateTCF Gaming people can make water stream around house to push mobs until they burn

  • 🌹GoodVibez🌹
    🌹GoodVibez🌹 Hace 2 años

    Im totally using these ideas!

  • DrewBear01
    DrewBear01 Hace 2 años

    Just make it out of bedrock in a dome shape and you’ll be fine.

  • Hi.
    Hi. Hace un año

    The villager one- should I put half blocks down to prevent iron golems from spawning?

  • Teh OwO Flower
    Teh OwO Flower Hace 2 años +172

    Grian: “How To 100% Mob Proof Your House!”
    Trump: “WE MUST BUILD A WALL!!”

  • jet
    jet Hace 5 años +1019

    Just a side note
    Why do people call them half-slabs? It's just a slab. A half-slab would be half the width of a normal slab.
    Also don't hate, just pointing that out

    • HazelTree
      HazelTree Hace 4 años

      Jaguar Good point!
      But I think people call than half-slabs because they mean a half a block slab and it is shorter to call it a half slab.

    • Gaming With Aaron
      Gaming With Aaron Hace 4 años

      Jaguar oh ok I was gonna hate on you (No Offence) 🤗

    • MTX Snowxy
      MTX Snowxy Hace 4 años

      Jaguar i

    • Hannah Mottershaww
      Hannah Mottershaww Hace 4 años

      maXeris gyvgvgh

    • Hannah Mottershaww
      Hannah Mottershaww Hace 4 años

      Jaguar crserrs

  • Randomguy301
    Randomguy301 Hace 2 años +1

    What about the trapdoor on top of magmablocks and a two block high wall next to it

  • Aqud 09
    Aqud 09 Hace 2 años +3

    i watched this a few years ago on my old account for youtube.this brings back memories.

  • Micky mouse from the hood

    There's only one problem with surrounding your base with water to protect you from Enderman. They can teleport over the water.

  • Cooper Gilliam
    Cooper Gilliam Hace un año +6

    Grian: sweet sweet loot!
    Me: the loot is actually rotten flesh...

    • RetroChriz
      RetroChriz Hace 8 meses

      They can also drop tools, armor and even some ores tho

  • Danananangooo
    Danananangooo Hace 3 años +290


  • Neeko Is A Cat
    Neeko Is A Cat Hace 7 meses

    2 most efficient ways to mob proof your house:
    1. Build your house above ground and use ladders, not stairs, ladders to go up so mobs can't follow you and at the top of the ladder, place a trapdoor so spiders also can't get up, then surround your house/base with lighting so mobs can't spawn either. Also, build a 3 block wide hole with water that's at least 2 blocks deep so endermen also can't follow you. As for phantoms, just sleep every night.
    2. Make sure your world is in peaceful mode.

  • Shadow_Duck
    Shadow_Duck Hace 2 años

    Also just turn mobs spawn off and u can have it on hard with no mobs

  • Julius Huth
    Julius Huth Hace un año

    You can actually make better looking explosive proof walls, by waterlogging stairs in different angles

  • RailOnTheLoose
    RailOnTheLoose Hace 2 años +1

    There are 3 mobs that can go through (4 with cheats ender dragon ) phantoms vex and wither

  • TCarrot Gaming
    TCarrot Gaming Hace 4 años +21

    You forgot to add the room full of dispensers that shoot ten arrows per second and never stop, so you need projectile protection diamond armor to get through them. Mobs tend not to have enchanted diamond armor. Same with the TNT coming out of dispensers room, but you need blast protection.
    Also, you're supposed to make the entire thing out of obsidian so that creepers can't blow it up and Endermen can't take it apart.

    • Creeper
      Creeper Hace 3 años

      seripusly. vex.

    • LogGaming2Day
      LogGaming2Day Hace 3 años

      And you heard what he said about obsidian as a block (8:46)

    • Shot.
      Shot. Hace 3 años +1

      Peaceful mode

    • TCarrot Gaming
      TCarrot Gaming Hace 3 años +1

      He knows enough redstone. He can make arrow traps and clocks, I think he can put them together.

    • MeboDotExe
      MeboDotExe Hace 3 años +4

      For the first two, he’s not mumbo he doesn’t know how to make those

  • 56independent
    56independent Hace 2 años

    i would build a tunnel leading under the villager, and into a hole. then, i would build a tunnel to the hole, and make a hole as well as a door to be able to attack them.

  • franek
    franek Hace 2 años

    Grian: Don't build overdatailed houses
    Also Grian: Builds house with buttons trapdoors fences and gates

  • • kinkajou •
    • kinkajou • Hace 2 años

    Another thing you can do is take ocolots and put a lead on them, than put them on a fence, they scare away creepers, and also tame some wolves as attack guards if they come in

  • Wolfberryy
    Wolfberryy Hace 2 años

    End stone is mostly resistant to creepers, and your house would look better if you make it correctly. You can even match it with obsidian.

  • That0neWeirdo
    That0neWeirdo Hace 2 años +59

    Grian: No mop can get in this house
    Phantoms, Vex, Enderdragon, and Wither: Say sike right now

    • Isabella Flores
      Isabella Flores Hace 10 meses

      Yeah the phantoms can in the WATER but if it's day then they are gone soo yeah

    • STB4G
      STB4G Hace un año

      *laughs in ghast*

    • pompoms5544
      pompoms5544 Hace un año

      @Nathan Lear no he put trapdoors there which prevents them from climbing

    • Nathan Lear
      Nathan Lear Hace un año

      also spiders could just climb the walls

    • pompoms5544
      pompoms5544 Hace un año

      what is vex

  • Tinnmann_
    Tinnmann_ Hace 2 años

    When I do the spider defence, I place a wall and put a fence then a slab on top

  • The Reading Boy
    The Reading Boy Hace un año

    In my mine, I reached bedrock and I’m making it very big and mobs spawn because it’s kinda like a cave. Any way to fix this?

  • Alphaα OmegaΩ
    Alphaα OmegaΩ Hace 2 años

    Pigmen don't always attack villagers.. I've never seen it ever... Even when i spawned them next to a villager, same for iron golems!

  • redgie
    redgie Hace 3 años +263

    iron golems.
    lots of them.
    boom 101% mob proof house

    • Teri Lemon
      Teri Lemon Hace 2 años

      xXMochaChinoXx Bunch of cats. Same for phantoms they hate cats too

    • sphere yahya
      sphere yahya Hace 2 años

      10 wolf's 5 iron golems 3 cats mobs i qiut phantom you take the job

    • dead channel
      dead channel Hace 3 años

      What about phantoms and creepers?

    • RY_9
      RY_9 Hace 3 años

      Iron golems, snow golems, cats, dogs, obsidian, maze ( that has parkour most mobs can't do parkour), secret tunnels.

  • OmniaDea
    OmniaDea Hace un año

    You can just use levers at the doors and mobs won't open them.

  • Tahu033
    Tahu033 Hace 2 años

    Now I would take the final house to the next step :minefield or maze

  • prid3 33
    prid3 33 Hace 2 años +1

    Well grian right when I was getting bord in my minecraft world you gave me a new fun project to keep playing so thank you

  • Ballroom Dancer
    Ballroom Dancer Hace un año

    Make a new version of this for 1.16.2!

  • phroggie friend
    phroggie friend Hace 6 años +440

    I have an idea on a challenge for you;
    Set a timer for somewhere around 30 minutes (if possible) You have that amount of time to create a house.
    Try to do it with a friend, And set it to survival. (Any difficulty is fine.)

    • Imperial Bricks studio
      Imperial Bricks studio Hace 4 años


    • toxic
      toxic Hace 4 años

      +MissJenna15 if u want to see something like that, check the channel: RoxMB or something he is a polish ESclipsr, he made much of these houses :D here's a link to one of these vids :D

    • robby gamerfam
      robby gamerfam Hace 4 años

      #ttly m8.

    • Gingerbread Man
      Gingerbread Man Hace 4 años

      Burnt Toast add as I'll as we as okkms was

  • Scorch
    Scorch Hace un año

    or just make it floating...
    or just make it underground...
    or just make it in the mushroom biome...
    or just make it in the middle of the end and cover your house in water...
    or just make it have no openings other than iron doors...
    or just play in peaceful difficulty...
    or just get netherite or diamond armor...
    or just spawn some iron golems...
    or just get good and deal with the mobs by easily killing them or avoiding them...