5 Easy Steps to Improve Your Minecraft Interior

  • Publicado el 2 sep 2015
  • Here is the direct sequel to 5 steps to improve your minecraft house, the much called for video!
    These steps aren't quite as clear cut as the others, but I seriously hope it helps you.
    Previous 5 steps: www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRVIF...
    Thank you so much for watching and as always, let me know what you think and leave a suggestion for a video! This video was 100% suggested by you guys!
    Sorry it took so long :3 it was a lot of work!
    Twitter: GrianMC
    Twitch: www.twitch.tv/Grianmc
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  • Shania Johnstone
    Shania Johnstone Hace 2 años +2190

    "You want to add things which conpliment the room"
    *Places a sign saying how good the room looks*

    • McAiestra
      McAiestra Hace 18 días

      @Tricky197 he wrote co"n"pliment I know that isn't the mistake he pointed out but just saying there is actually a typo

    • St1ckSquar3d
      St1ckSquar3d Hace 6 meses

      @Jona van der Pal ‘Twas isn’t ith oth word

    • St1ckSquar3d
      St1ckSquar3d Hace 6 meses

      @Jona van der Pal ‘Tis was a joke

    • The E2rnal17
      The E2rnal17 Hace 10 meses

      10000 IQ move

    • Shane Espinoza
      Shane Espinoza Hace un año

      @Tricky197 Is that a real subreddit?

  • Magnus Dallas
    Magnus Dallas Hace 2 años +4716

    Video 1: How to make your house look good on the outside
    Video 2: How to make your house look good on the inside
    Video 3: *How to make your house the tallest on Sahara Street*

    • dead channel not
      dead channel not Hace un año

      Video three: How to make your house look good in a chest

    • King_Goose
      King_Goose Hace un año

      What? Do u mean.

    • Gosh_JM
      Gosh_JM Hace un año

      I miss Sahara

    • Farrel Waso
      Farrel Waso Hace 2 años

      4000th like

    • Cedrik W
      Cedrik W Hace 2 años

      Magnus Dallas *How to make yur chair the biggest in sahara*

  • Bailey_
    Bailey_ Hace 2 años +3873

    bold of you to assume I built a big enough house to frame

    • Misty Creek
      Misty Creek Hace un mes

      My house is 5x3

    • grub
      grub Hace 8 meses +1

      @nino i like one punch man

    • ani spike
      ani spike Hace 11 meses

      I built a big House

    • bussy
      bussy Hace un año

      @Splenced yas pookieee 😬😬📮

    • Splenced
      Splenced Hace un año

      @bussy r/ihavereddit r/foundthemobileuser

  • LemonLymy
    LemonLymy Hace 2 años +665

    Grian: I place torches in a consistent manner.
    Hermitcraft 6 base: *Laughs in torch spam*

  • Lassie Tartan
    Lassie Tartan Hace 3 años +1887

    Time-lapse was a bit too fast for me but I enjoyed the house improvements.

  • L3VIMc
    L3VIMc Hace 2 años +730

    “You can’t break into the wall as that would create a hole in the wall”
    Hmm, yes, the floor here is made out of floor

    • Cycro the large planet / Windows 11
      Cycro the large planet / Windows 11 Hace 8 meses

      Ice is frozen

    • Mate Product
      Mate Product Hace un año

      You can't just shoot into the surface of Mars as that would create a hole in the surface of Mars.

    • L3VIMc
      L3VIMc Hace un año +1

      Ezra Ur Boi bro I hate five minute crafts with a passion 😂

    • 3vorp
      3vorp Hace un año +1

      The leading cause of death is dying

    • Ezra Ur Boi
      Ezra Ur Boi Hace un año +3

      Five Minute Crafts: *How to make a spoon out of a spoon*

  • Electric Animations
    Electric Animations Hace 2 años +516

    Grian: * Puts nice flowers on the shelf. *
    Also Grian:
    * *Puts skeleton skulls right below it.* *

  • MegaChickenfish
    MegaChickenfish Hace 2 años +71

    The hardest part still remains having the interior be good *and* functional. I build in Survival so I need my furnaces, crafting table, brewing area, enchanting area, and storage for my absurd hoarding problem all handled, and then try to pretty around it. The outsides look rad, but the insides wind up cluttered.
    I mean it'd probably help if I started putting that giant mass of chests for the storage in the basement, but dangit it's where I spend most of my time so it's hard not to put them in the "main room."

    • Aranea Hale
      Aranea Hale Hace 2 años

      If you hate all the chests everywhere, this is what I do. Build a large chest in the wall, where the side is sticking out, then place a torch behind the wall, use stairs or something to still open the chest. Lastly put a sign in it so you know what it is. It’s a mass storage system that is super easy and effective.

    • MachineGunNelly
      MachineGunNelly Hace 2 años

      @iDontProgramInCpp lol, yea xD

    • iDontProgramInCpp
      iDontProgramInCpp Hace 2 años

      @MachineGunNelly mistakes happen (I'm talking about the concel typo)

    • MachineGunNelly
      MachineGunNelly Hace 2 años +1

      @iDontProgramInCpp lol, yeah. Sorry I suck at spelling.

  • Pryospike
    Pryospike Hace 2 años +301

    grain: you dont want to break the walls because that will put a hole in the wall
    me: what about ceiling-
    grian: *bursts hole in ceiling for fireplace*

  • Ven
    Ven Hace 2 años +2662

    Me who builds in survival mode:
    Looks like I need to depopulate a few forests.

  • tteoktokki
    tteoktokki Hace 2 años +433

    me: *watches video* i sure will incorperate all these into my house!
    also me: what is a stair

  • JxyJo
    JxyJo Hace 2 años +685

    Grian:step 1 get rid of every thing you have worked on for 3 years

    • Ryan John Hernandez
      Ryan John Hernandez Hace un año

      *valiant hero intesifies*

    • 3vorp
      3vorp Hace un año

      Yea I actually disagree with that you should actually just clean it up because if you have a storage system it is really annoying to move especially if your chests are filled.

    • Chocolate Muffins
      Chocolate Muffins Hace 2 años +1

      He's not pressuring u to destroy it he's just showing u what u can do bcs it's called time consuming.

    • Noodle's Gamebox
      Noodle's Gamebox Hace 2 años +4

      Woah! Dude, only 3 years?! How though? I can't even bills a sorry but within a week of playing...

    • nimakokaaz
      nimakokaaz Hace 2 años +9

      or step 1 spawn a dragon in the building. step 2 RUN. step 3 go back and look at the mess. step 4 tell your friend to go to the building they worked so hard on. step 5 kill them and RUN AWAY FROM THE BUILDING AND HIDE AN- you died!

  • gibby
    gibby Hace 2 años +341

    You're friends with Steve? NO, YOU'RE FRIENDS WITH A GOD

    • Ragedgamer
      Ragedgamer Hace un año

      well steve is a god

    • مهجول / MHJWL
      مهجول / MHJWL Hace un año

      yes nostalgia steve

    • 3vorp
      3vorp Hace un año

      He can lift metric tons of gold, he can brew potions to make himself immune to fire, he can travel to other dimensions, he can fly, but he can’t hop a 1.5 meter fence

    • Cool Vids
      Cool Vids Hace 2 años


    • Harry Valiente
      Harry Valiente Hace 2 años +1


  • ash
    ash Hace 2 años +344

    is it just me, or does too much framing make it feel kinda messy?

    • Fugi-Diva 🕊😌
      Fugi-Diva 🕊😌 Hace 2 meses

      This was 6 (well, in your case it was 4. Still a long time though) years ago. In 6 years an artist, or in this case builder, will improve drastically. Especially if they continue to practice

    • 3vorp
      3vorp Hace un año

      @PanKoty147 much earlier this was 1.8 because the stairs in the inventory face left but in 1.9 they were changed to face right for some reason and there is more than one variant of wooden door in the inventory (2:38) which means it can’t be 1.7.

    • PanKoty147
      PanKoty147 Hace un año

      With framing you have to be really carefull, mainly in 1.12.. or what version did he play on

    • sonia zerpa
      sonia zerpa Hace un año

      Tes it looks Messy, but i think is Good

    • 3vorp
      3vorp Hace un año +1

      I don’t frame interior unless the room is big enough to support it. It just looks too closed in otherwise.

  • ShopkinGirl80
    ShopkinGirl80 Hace 3 años +12

    0:58 this is me whenever i try to decorate my house

  • jasmine
    jasmine Hace 2 años +43

    Grain:And finally you can add things like painting and item frames
    6:50 And don’t forget to put human skulls

  • miaxmysa
    miaxmysa Hace 2 años

    This video helped me so much! I've always had this problem where after I finished making the exterior of any house, the windows always drove me crazy by the way they looked on the inside. Like from the outside of the house the windows look perfect and symmetrical. But on the inside, the window might be off by one. So thanks to your video, I now know that that's normal, and from the inside of the house I should just work around that and add framing. Thank you so much Grian.

  • SAM!
    SAM! Hace 5 años +6160

    'I like to keep what's in the house what you would find in a normal house' *Places heads in the shelves*

  • Hatmann
    Hatmann Hace 2 años +1

    My trick is: Mine out an area inside a hill and slowly expand downwards by mining lower down and have all rooms have a similar flooring, walls and ceilings apart from rooms like the enchantment room which will be stylised as a library of sorts or the bedroom which will usually be built later and above ground with a more homely feel.
    I usually only care about the looks of those two rooms

  • Vincentgames13
    Vincentgames13 Hace 2 años

    It feels like it’s like a Improve the House type of game, which makes it fun! I really want to have the same house and make some practices.

  • UnderCrafter
    UnderCrafter Hace 2 años +56

    Wait having elephant stables in the middle of the house is not normal? I though everyone did that!

  • hixtle
    hixtle Hace 2 años

    Thanks! Helped me decorate my modern mansion and inspired me for exterior and interior design :D

  • Ethan Denham
    Ethan Denham Hace 2 años +8

    Grian should redecorate this house now in 2019 with 1.15 coming out.

  • Colonel Mustard
    Colonel Mustard Hace 2 años

    Great tips in this video. Excellent advice here. Keep up the good work. 😎

  • Logan Dingfield
    Logan Dingfield Hace 3 años

    Whenever I build a house, I use the blocks I want for the exterior, put in a 1 block space for redstone wiring, and put up interior walls so I can have functional lighting and have nice walls.

  • K M
    K M Hace 2 años +135

    Who else is fine with decorating the inside but the exterior of the house looks like a cube? (Ok, maybe not that bad, but still)

    • Ace World of Fiction and Fantsa
      Ace World of Fiction and Fantsa Hace 10 meses

      I do that,Vice Versa

    • SS-Karnage
      SS-Karnage Hace 10 meses

      Yeah me

    • 3vorp
      3vorp Hace un año +1

      My best survival base is a hollowed out mountain with sections of chests either side, a furnace array in 2 of the sections, an enchanting table and anvil setup, a nether portal. If I had built that out in the open, it would look terrible

    • Ajlez
      Ajlez Hace 2 años

      Haha, I have that problem as well except where my house is built with 3 trees as some of the edges. I kind of masked it with vines and added weird staircases around it but I'm still like "Hmm, how to build something that is not box?????"

    • Aroa
      Aroa Hace 2 años +3

      That's why I only build bunkers

  • Potomac
    Potomac Hace 6 años +282

    Hey grain. You are awesome at rustic/medieval buildings. Why not trying tutorials for insides of modern houses?

    • Fugi-Diva 🕊😌
      Fugi-Diva 🕊😌 Hace 2 meses

      @The Not-God Emperor of Mankind
      I don’t find modern houses difficult at all

    • Ryke Bean
      Ryke Bean Hace 3 años

      Erikkans GRAIN?!? SERIOUSLY?!? GRAINNNN??????

    • tillymone
      tillymone Hace 4 años

      Erikkans lmao grain

    • James Jeffery
      James Jeffery Hace 4 años

      You did an excellent tutorial on the outside of modern houses though- I found myself literally taking a notebook and jotting the stuff down.

    • Daja Circle
      Daja Circle Hace 5 años

      +Johnny prevost Since it added creepers and endermen and a flipping dragon.

  • The Bohobemeister
    The Bohobemeister Hace 2 años +1

    As always, wonderful video!

  • mandala 314
    mandala 314 Hace 2 años

    I always create outdoor and indoor walls (if I have the resources, or in creative). That way I can "paint" or even wallpaper each room differently

  • Flotsam
    Flotsam Hace 8 meses

    5 years later and I still come back to these videos whenever I can't figure out what to do with a build. They help sooo much. Would love some updated ones with the newer blocks and items.

  • milkluvr
    milkluvr Hace 2 años

    1. Prepare it by putting in flooring and Putin lights 2. Put in framing staircases and stories 3. Add detail to the walls by putting in blocks or fireplaces make it consistent 4.add furniture by using stairs etc 5. Put in decor like carpets paintings and flower pots

  • Eleanor Wickenden
    Eleanor Wickenden Hace 2 años

    That house looked incredible!

  • precious
    precious Hace 2 años +5

    I made a mistake already but I was SO lucky that the outline of my house gave me the perfect opportunity to make stairs.

  • Will Otter
    Will Otter Hace 2 años

    Wow really helpful especially the framing cuz I’d assumed that was only for exterior

  • irish kiwi
    irish kiwi Hace 10 meses

    Trust me on this, make a small pond (6x5 in a circle) then put andersite slabs along the edge, then put moss around the andersite. It looks good next to a house because the andersite looks like a better piled gravel, and you can keep the inside of the pond whatever you want.

  • Dayson Boon
    Dayson Boon Hace 5 años +3726

    who, in their minecraft history, made a fire place out of the wrong material and burnt your entire house down. Don't be embarrassed I did it too😅

  • minigame lol
    minigame lol Hace 3 años

    Hey, I was wondering if all houses had to have framing on the inside? I have a house that looks AMAZING! Without any inside framing, would you clarify that? I can send an image if you wish.

  • ッHaSaN
    ッHaSaN Hace 2 años

    The house looked amazing!

  • Umami Exclusive
    Umami Exclusive Hace 2 años

    Wow grian you really are a life saver i am struggling with my interior thank you so much

  • GD Space Gamer
    GD Space Gamer Hace 2 años

    Hello grian, with your techniques, I was able to build a castle. Thanks alot.

  • Robo-Raven
    Robo-Raven Hace 5 años +734

    Grian: Dont break the walls as that will make a hole in the wall. Me: Yeah obviously... **He breaks the roof to make the fireplace** Me: I guess he never said anything about the roof...

    • Tyler Norris
      Tyler Norris Hace 2 años

      Most Of The People Have Said Xd So I'll Say Raven T.G LOL

    • Xtrm Sword
      Xtrm Sword Hace 2 años

      Raven T.G xD

    • SDAA
      SDAA Hace 2 años

      Raven T.G xD

    • soc III
      soc III Hace 2 años

      heheh 666 likes

    • Francis Pineda
      Francis Pineda Hace 3 años +20

      Fireplaces are supposed to pass through roofs

    BBB SUSSY Hace un año

    Please do a step by step tutorial on a house like this Grian it so awesome

  • Ben Christopher Burgos
    Ben Christopher Burgos Hace 9 meses

    THANK YOU. Now I know what to put in my modern house that you ALSO taught me how to make😁👍

  • Squid In A Can
    Squid In A Can Hace 3 años

    This one and the other tutorial is really helpful i tried to do it and it worked but i'm still trying to do it in survival

  • Scoott Young
    Scoott Young Hace un mes

    So glad grain has improved since this video there was alot of framing it was to hard for the eyes to break up but grain is awesome

  • Sav
    Sav Hace 6 años +577

    "we can't break into the walls because that would create a hole in the wall" -Grian 2015

    • Justin L
      Justin L Hace 10 meses

      This is history right here

    • Bea Suazo
      Bea Suazo Hace 2 años

      Luis Gonzales Bro this was 3 years ago and your like 1 year ago

    • Carleto Games
      Carleto Games Hace 3 años

      It's 759493943 d.B

    • Luis Gonzales
      Luis Gonzales Hace 4 años

      LoL wut? I must be missing 2016 so much, idk why cuz i prefer the new roblox logo

    • Jose Garcia-Chong
      Jose Garcia-Chong Hace 4 años


  • Miriam ZRM
    Miriam ZRM Hace 2 años +17

    *"It really isn't as hard as it seems"*

  • Prentend Im Musty
    Prentend Im Musty Hace 2 años

    Thank you so much my house looks amazing now

  • NotASpyReally
    NotASpyReally Hace 2 años

    I will never forget this house cause I once was in your server and I found it by chance. It wasn't exactly the same as it is at the end of the video but it was really cool to see it nontheless.

  • Ink.
    Ink. Hace 2 años

    Grain, your tutorials are great and all and I improve so much of my builds with them, but my problem is that it's hard to fallow along because you fasforward your tutorial so I can't fallow along to well...

  • buschangne
    buschangne Hace un año

    Its thanks to you that i massively improved my Minecraft building thanks a lot

  • Billy Allen
    Billy Allen Hace 2 años

    Is there a tutorial for the exterior? looks pretty nice

  • Tobias Glendenning
    Tobias Glendenning Hace 2 años

    Thanks, I feel like I'm great at the exterior but only ever have a couple of ideas for the interior which gets old real fast

  • Aayh
    Aayh Hace un año

    That moment you realize that framing seems to look good on medieval looking houses.

  • Canaan Brown
    Canaan Brown Hace 4 años +319

    Does this remind anyone else of those house renovation shows? 😂

  • jason cunningham
    jason cunningham Hace 2 años

    See, as good as Grians tutorials are, I never really follow along. The way I build a house with multiple rooms is that I just start of with one small room while starting out, and instead of deconstructing and rebuilding it better, I tend to just add on parts of the house as I go along 🤣🤣 it actually turns out rather well the way I do it, it’s not overly fancy, but it’s practical and looks good. Overdetailing is bad, makes it look sloppy in my opinion, so I just tend to blend different woods together to make it stand out but not too much.

  • blake 25w
    blake 25w Hace 2 años

    Thank you grian I learned a lot from this thank you sooo much

  • Jayden Eastwood
    Jayden Eastwood Hace 2 años

    I like that house.. Maybe you could make a tutorial on how to make it please? I am surely on my way to becoming an expert builder.. First I follow the tutorials and get an understanding of themes and then a couple weeks time I will be building to my hearts content! Thanks Grian for showing me everything I need to know as you were a big help.. And... I was like that NOOB once.. AND SO WERE YOU! But, you took to the sky and are now showing us your ways.. We all start somewhere and this is where my story begins too.. Thank you so much for these tutorials Grian and I send you off with a GOOD LUCK to your future endeavors.. ~Jayden~ :)

  • Nathan Coulton
    Nathan Coulton Hace 2 años

    Hey grian I have watched all of your tutorials and yet my builds still suck. I could use your advice

  • BanditFoxx
    BanditFoxx Hace 2 años +7

    0:26 | See, I’m a redstone engineer, and I can heavily relate to this feeling whenever I come across a mess of unlabelled redstone wires...

  • SometimesGodlyGamer
    SometimesGodlyGamer Hace un año

    This was great but could you make one with ramps instead of steps?

  • MPRF12345
    MPRF12345 Hace 2 años

    Maybe use slabs for roof/floor (also ba lot more block economic)

  • Stephen Mitchell
    Stephen Mitchell Hace un año

    I’d love to see you remake this video, but with 1.16 blocks.

  • Zerkinz
    Zerkinz Hace 5 años +618

    Good tutorial but I was dizzy most of the time haha.

  • KilbyFilms
    KilbyFilms Hace 2 años

    i love your stuff. U ARE SUCH A GOOD BUILDER!

  • May Clarque
    May Clarque Hace 2 años

    I prefer a spartan house: make it a rectangle, maybe an L. If you need more floors, extend them straight down from the main floor.

  • Tarpan
    Tarpan Hace 2 años +3

    Me: looks around real house *
    Also me: dang your building is better than our real house

  • Cycro the large planet / Windows 11

    For lighting, just use slabs and glowstone below that slab

  • Ever castañeda
    Ever castañeda Hace 4 años +5431

    Did anyone else noticed that grian stole the house and kill the guy?
    Grian placed the other guy's head on one of the shelves.

  • Salty Chihuahuas
    Salty Chihuahuas Hace 2 años +4

    While watching this video, I felt the confidence rising within me

  • Sabre
    Sabre  Hace 2 años +15

    "and you cant break the wall or there will be a hole"
    no sweat shelock

  • Savannah P
    Savannah P Hace un año

    If you got forge it’s best to download decocraft so it makes your interior stand out more

  • Sander
    Sander Hace 2 años

    I wish he made a full tutorial on this house

  • Cory Tanghe
    Cory Tanghe Hace 2 años

    This man turned me from a building noob to a pro

  • Jon Bryant
    Jon Bryant Hace 2 años +8

    Can you give a tutorial on how to build this house? (Exterior)

  • Raptor pack 3.0
    Raptor pack 3.0 Hace 3 años

    Tip using mushroom blocks can make a good pattern rug because the red mushroom blocks has three little dots. Hope I help :)

  • Rares Baciu
    Rares Baciu Hace 2 años

    Very beautiful!

  • gay
    gay Hace 3 años

    Thank god for 1.14 the windows look so much softer and less eye hurting

  • Mimikana HD
    Mimikana HD Hace 2 años +2

    when you realize what's in your house is better than what's outside your house
    *years of academy training waisted!*

  • palma _77
    palma _77 Hace 3 años

    Can you make a tutorial on how to build this beautiful building

  • DeathFyre66
    DeathFyre66 Hace 2 años

    5 easy steps is such a great series

  • ApeX Spectre
    ApeX Spectre Hace 2 años

    Grian: *makes a giant, 5 story woodland mansion with fine edges, framing, great details and overall generally looks awesome*
    Me: *makes a 3x5 dirt hiuse and thinks its great*

  • Sunny the Drixen
    Sunny the Drixen Hace 2 años

    Hello Grian! If your reading this, I just wanna say a few things. I am Katy, and I am 13 years old. I have been playing Minecraft for a few years now. Thanks to your videos and tutorials, I can now say that I am a fairly good builder. When I started playing, I spent hours building a huge cube as my house! And as if that wasn't bad enough, it was made out of Lapis blocks! Yikes! I thought it was great, but now I have realized that I wasn't a very good builder back then, and I have improved very much because of your videos! So Grian, if you see this comment, I just want you to know that your awesome! Thanks for taking the time to read this! ❤

  • Stefan M.
    Stefan M. Hace 2 años

    When I went into this I was expecting a highly tailored how to video, with a lot of personal opinions and takes on what exactly looks "good".
    Instead, I got a largely unbiased view of the simple basics on how to possibly improve on one's design. If there are any opinions they are implied through the visuals rather than stated through voice.
    Could you just rewrite every school textbook while you're at it? Those would have been a lot more tolerable to read through if they had been done like this.

  • Magician owl
    Magician owl Hace 8 meses

    This is a good minecraft house tutorial. I finally found a good channel!

  • E5A
    E5A Hace 6 años +126

    Grian your vids are amaZing !!! I love them a lot but there is one problem when you are explaining and building at the same time make the video a bit slower it's so fast like you must keep on pausing to see what happend so that's what I want to say , but your vids are awesome keep up the good work ! Liked & Subscribed Good luck bro !

    • Hoai Do
      Hoai Do Hace 5 años

      +Viviana Garcia Is that Seokjin (from Bangtan Boys) in your profile pic?

    • LeoSWEDEN
      LeoSWEDEN Hace 5 años

      +Grian can you make a world download for this world

    • Aw shucks it appears I was rude to you
      Aw shucks it appears I was rude to you Hace 5 años

      Hi EBS your a great youtuber

    • John Nobody Price
      John Nobody Price Hace 6 años

      Grian I have a real problem with my build it's falt and full of windows who are 4 (i cant remember the correct number) apart i cant make nice rooms or framing cause: 1. Flat(like i said)
      2. Too small
      But my house will be like a cross (if u can imagine it) and i am planing to make a tower where the sections will cross. I hope you will reply soon Thanks

    • Kid with. A broken heart.
      Kid with. A broken heart. Hace 6 años


  • Limitless Beast
    Limitless Beast Hace 2 años

    I miss your old style of videos like this! :(

  • Joseph Alexander
    Joseph Alexander Hace 2 años

    I wish Grian still made intros like this

  • grenfrogg
    grenfrogg Hace 8 meses

    If you’re building in creative and you don’t like the look of torches use /give @s light_block 1 1000 for an invisible light block that you can walk through and build on :)
    This works on bedrock too

  • Redneck Sniper
    Redneck Sniper Hace 3 años

    2:45 you should make a flush 2x2 hidden door you can hind the lever or button and walk right through

  • Luke Williams
    Luke Williams Hace 6 años +16

    +Grian I have a challenge for you: do a build without cobble or logs.

    • Stan Torren
      Stan Torren Hace 3 años

      But if he had a choice Morden would be off he likes classic houses

    • averageteencuber
      averageteencuber Hace 5 años

      +Rejected_ __Sam he did before doe

    • worm
      worm Hace 6 años

      +PkTara he wouldn't build modern

    • PkTara
      PkTara Hace 6 años +2

      Not really , you'd not see much cobble or logs in a modern house

    • Amar Singh
      Amar Singh Hace 6 años +4

      It is like asking you to live without breathing and eating

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    Me: but I would
    I’m really late and I tend to rewatch videos and I mean who cares

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    Use lanterns for lighting buddy! This is 1.14! Lanterns are the best lighting source and you only need a torch and 8 iron nuggets!

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    But my exterior is mediocre to average for builders
    It does however good enough said
    Survivalist,redstoneers and
    I just dont know when is the limit i put so much detail or too little

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